Accessible Art

Our business partners share in the creative and economic values of working together. Accessible Art is one of our longest-running projects. It is a series of solo art exhibits scheduled throughout the year.

Accessible Art is open to all emerging and working artists located in Western Connecticut and Putnam County looking to connect. Entries are selected by jury in the fall and then selected on a first come, first served basis as space becomes available. 

Membership is required for artists to participate. We welcome new business partnerships in the towns we serve. Contact us!


Our Sponsors for Accessible Art Project 2018



There are eight venues, thirty-two artists participating and forty art exhibit scheduled from February 5, 2018 through February 2019


Call or visit website for hours of operation

Bethel Public Library • 189 Greenwood Ave., Bethel  203.794.8756

CityCenter Danbury • 186 Main Street, Danbury 203.792.1711 

Danbury City Hall • 155 Deer Hill Avenue, Danbury 203.797.4511 

Hancock Hall • 31 Staples Street, Danbury 203.794.9466 

Hodge Insurance Agency • 283 Main Street, Danbury 203.792.2323 

Mothership Bakery • 331 Main Street, Danbury 203.417.6914 

Pour Me Café • 274 Main St Danbury 203.743.6246

YMCA ESCAPE to the Arts • 293 Main Street, Danbury 203.794.1413 


Clarice Azzoni • Southbury

Nancy Breakstone • Westport

Doreen Breen • Thomaston

Debra Burger • Danbury

Barbara Courtain • New York

Betsy Davidson • Bethel

Francie Grace • Wilton

Diana Gubbay • Bethel

Colin Harrison • Brookfield

Elisabeth Levy • Bethel

Mary Jane Magoon • Sherman

Jan McLean • Shelton


Toni Miraldi • Sandy Hook

Cynthia O‘connor • Sherman

Honorah O‘Neill • Bethel

Keith Raphael • Danbury

Helga Ruopp • Hawleyville

Amy Salerno • Danbury

Peter Schachter • Danbury

Gary Stanford • Danbury

Kurt Wandelmaier • Brookfield

Annette Womack • Danbury

Wing Na (Wendy) Wong • Danbury

George Zipparo • Redding

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