Accessible Art 2020 Kicks Off in Danbury

Antonia Schachter | February 20, 2020

We are inspired by the art our member-artists are exhibiting this year! You can view work that portrays the world both naturally and surrealistically at several non-traditional venues in Danbury that will host the individual exhibits from Feb. 24 through Apr. 17. 

You can support our local artist-members by stopping by Danbury City Hall, CityCenter Danbury, Hodge Insurance Agency, and Hancock Hall. 

You’ll be glad you did! All the art is for sale and is worthy of a special place in your heart and home!

The Accessible Art program Exhibits are shown throughout the region all year, with five different sets of artists. Artists in this series are: 

Marc Jaffe of New Fairfield; Larry Morse of The Bronx, New York; and Lucia Moniz and Jean Hatcherson of Danbury are the artists in the latest series. 

Marc Jaffe, Danbury City Hall, 155 Deer Hill Ave., (203) 797-4511 (Exhibit will begin Feb. 25) 

 “My camera is just a tool for me to use my creativity,” Jaffe says. “I love to be able to see the results right away and know how it will look later when I twist it around on the computer. Most of my work is shot while moving without looking through the camera, using the built-in flash of a good pocket camera. Much of my work is now almost black until I process the raw file. I have been pretty shocked when I see the results. My current series is Fireworks.” 

Larry Morse, CityCenter Danbury, 268 Main St., (203) 792-1711 

“The creation of representative art has always been very gratifying to me,” Morse says. “However, non-representative and abstract methods of visual expression have revealed and developed in me a heightened understanding and passion, which best feeds my creative process. And in this way of making art, I endeavor to bring viewers, briefly, to a place that reminds them of the experience of that encounter early in life, with a brand new world and thereby afford the sensation of that delicious disorientation they felt.” 

Jean HatchersonFilosa Convalescent/Hancock Hall, 13 Hakim St., Danbury, (203) 794-9466 

“As a cultural anthropologist, when taking photographs, I use the participant observation approach,” Hatcherson says. “I look for ethnographic compositions — even when the subjects are non-human. My pictures are never staged. When shooting in situ, I keep in mind light, color, and contrast. Interestingly, though I study people, I tend to focus my lens on architecture, landscapes, and natural phenomena, leaning recently towards portraits of vegetation and insects. I hope the viewer finds the art beautiful that they are informed and intrigued by the images.” 

Lucia MonizHodge Insurance, 283 Main St., Danbury, (203) 792-2323 

“I am a new inspiring artist, who enjoys creating art with a multitude of mediums and materials,” Monz says. “I would like to continue to share my ideas through my work with the joy of sharing colors, materials, ideas, and completed creations, both unique and by request. I truly enjoy personalizing art ideas, be it by silhouette, shape, or even color of the person’s choice. This is a new journey for me as I recently started to share my artwork openly with others, exposing myself to the world through social media and events.” 


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