Opening Reception, September 5, 2019 from 5-6:30pm

“Each painting tells a story. I like to translate this story on canvas in an abstract form that challenges the viewer’s minds and souls. Every viewer interprets the painting in their own way and that is the beauty of abstract art!”

A new exhibition by artist Alma Al-Faham, who is known for her vibrant and profound abstract oil paintings, opens today, September 3 at “The Gallery” at City Hall. The exhibition features paintings from three of her collections and will be on display until October 25. Alma’s work is part of the Cultural Alliance of Western CT’s Accessible Art program.

‘Uncovering the Truth’ one of Alma’s new collections presents an analytical study of the human journey from simple beings to becoming complex due to upbringings and social impacts. The paintings start with a simple sketch technique and end with a complex composition using scratching, hatching, and layers of oil paint. “The Silence of Woman” her collection discussing the power and strength of woman, will also be included in this show.

Alma is an artist based in Danbury, CT. Her work has been shown in different cities throughout the US and internationally in Amman, Jordan. Alma grew up in Kuwait City, Kuwait and has lived in Amman, Jordan; Damascus, Syria; and Athens, Greece. She attended French, English and American schools. The beauty of the places where she lived and the cultures she was exposed to, coupled with a degree in Architectural Engineering inspired her concept for unique, intriguing and colorful abstract art.

All of Alma’s work reflects a situation or tells a story. She paints what she feels and expresses her feelings in her own way by using layers of oil paint to generate shapes and shades in her paintings.

“Uncovering the Truth” is exhibited in partnership with the Cultural Alliance of Western Connecticut’s Accessible Art program, which makes the work of regional visual artists accessible to new audiences by partnering with are venues who share in the creative and economic values of working together.

This press release was produced by the City of Danbury. The views expressed here are the author’s own.