@287 Gallery

@287 Gallery is a premier art gallery featuring accomplished artists in Connecticut and New York. The gallery is managed by us and located within our offices at 287 Main Street. Opening receptions are fun and well attended. Exhibitions are free and open to the public thanks to the support provided by Savings Bank of Danbury. 

Stop by and visit Tuesday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 4:00 PM. and Saturday’s 11 – 3 PM.  

2019 Exhibits

E Pluribus Out of Many, One

Muriel Stockdale

March 15 – June 14

A native of England, Stockdale moved to Long Island as a teenager and says she was immediately struck by how eager her new friends were to share their own diverse immigrant histories.

“I personally feel that America is a multicolored, multifaceted nation of extremely diverse interests, views and substance and that is what makes it great,” Stockdale said. “Our flag and our prophetic motto remind us that we can be very different and yet still come together in harmony. To honor that diversity inclusively I began making these flags. This is not a statement of an Empirical United States abroad but rather a welcome to really look at the current makeup of our country and to celebrate who we are now, and here at home in the USA.”

Stockdale’s project is a series of American flags made by hand from fabrics evocative of the different cultures that make up the U.S. Examples of her flags include the Scottish American made from tartan wools, Japanese American made from origami papers, and Chinese American made from Chinese silks and talismans. 

“I am the Problem”

Edward Burke

June 28 – September 29

The current focus of my art is micro and macro views of environmental processes, including the ebb and flow of energy and our interaction and disruption of these systems. I devote time to researching, observing, and photographing various types of organic structures as they relate to critical environmental issues. These explorations are the subliminal resources for my present work. I begin drawing or painting with no preconceived idea of the end results, exploring marks, forms, and structures. During this initial phase, aspects of the subliminal resources will be reflected in the work. The intension of my art and process is to communicate my personal observations and emotional responses to nature and the environment in a direct way from mind to hand without contrivance.

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